Good things for our One-Year Bandiversary!

One year ago, I met Sarah Frank and Luke Fraser on our way down to Miles of Music Camp in Lake Winnipesauke, NH. This year, we went back down to Three Mile Island to make more music with new and old friends, heading back to Montreal just in time to open up for Peter Yarrow. The camp is unique in its broad focus: we studied old-time, bluegrass, Cajun, Norwegian, Sacred Harp, klezmer, percussive dance, songwriting, how to play with a band and music industry savvy. The food was fantastic and so was the weather. Count my lucky stars! Thanks to Laura Cortese, Kristen Andreassen, Betsey Plum, Dinty Child and everyone else.

Peter Yarrow is a physical embodiment of JRR Tolkein’s Tom Bombadil. He made me smile from the instant I met him. Exceedingly generous and loving, and not in a small way zany! I was I’m inspired by his unflinching lightness and curiosity. After over 50 years of being a folk musician and activist, he’s not in the least bit jaded.

One very cute thing that happened was he insisted on “opening” for us. He came out and sang a song, “Music Speaks Louder Than Words.” Later on in his set, we got on stage to sing Puff the Magic Dragon and Blowing in the Wind (Matt stole the show by singing a good 2 octaves lower than everyone else when it came his turn.)

The Festival de Folk Sur le Canal was a huge success in Pointe-St-Charles. I love Montreal for its free festivals. It’s Canada’s musical promised land. Plants and Animals headlined last night and were tip-top shape and got everybody on their feet.

Oh! and also, we got a great little write up in the Gazette last week. Thanks Bernie Perusse!

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