Last Show in Montreal until November! July 7 at Divan Orange!


That’s right, Sarah Jane Scouten and the Brilliant String Band will be appearing at Divan Orange this Saturday, July 7th for our last show together in Montreal until November! You’ll also be getting a whole lotta Ol’ Savannah and Deer Engineer (new project by Shawn Beauchamps of the United Steel Workers of Montreal). Tix 10$.

Adventures are taking me southward and then westward this summer and fall, with a tour of BC and Alberta in August and a house concert tour of the Yukon in September! Ill be popping back to Montreal after OCFF in October on my way down to Black Pot Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana.

You can also check me out solo at the Bloody Underrated Fundraiser at The Mainline Theatre on July 14 or the whole band at the Applehollow Music Festival on July 21 in Franklin QC.

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