I'll try to entertain you and be brief + Tour Dates + The Herbal Songbook

I appreciate and am likewise amazed that you opened this email. For that reason, I’ll try to entertain you and be brief. At 6 months old, Turned to Gold is still golden. I’m going on tour and taking new herbal medicine patients. I am teaching workshops on herbal medicine and musician’s health. Something I’m incredibly excited about is the opportunity to do the ultimate herb-nerd mash-up: The Herbal Songbook concerts. I have been compiling folk songs for several years on the theme of medicinal plants and intend to arrange and perform them at several festivals and nature events this summer, interlaced with folkoric, medicinal and botanical knowledge. You’ll either be taping your eyes open or on the edge of your seats. I think there’s only two ways to respond at a show like this. Songs like Tam Lin, The Witch of the Westmoreland, and my song Chaste Tree and Penny Royal. If you have song suggestions, please let me know and I can add them to the growing Spotify playlist. On that note, if this kind of thing appeals to you, I urge you to check out Sam Lee’s new record songdreaming.

April Tour dates are here. Summer tour dates in Canada will be up soon. Let me know if you’d be interested in having The Herbal Songbook or just plain old Sarah Jane come to a town near you.

April 3 Cambridge Junction, Cambridge UK (opening for Olivia Chaney)
April 12 Betsey Trotwood, London UK presented by Loose Music
April 13 Little Rabbit Barn, Colchester UK
April 14 Kingsmead House Concert, High Wycombe
April 16 The Carlton Club, Manchester UK (NO COVER, so bring friends!!)
April 18 Bijou Cinema, Southport UK
April 19 Thimblemill Library, Birmingham UK

Tickets at sarahjanescouten.com

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