Wilder When I Was With You

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It’s the longest day of the year

Last night my husband and I drove home from Glasgow to our sleepy village in the hills of Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, after having seen friends Bella White and her trio play at the Glad Café. It was still dusk at 1am. This is the furthest north I’ve ever lived.

NEW SINGLE!! Wilder When I Was With You

High summer was when the hot weather really began where I grew up on Bowen Island, BC. In SW Scotland, we tend to have a blazing hot five weeks leading up to the solstice and then it rains until September. It’s when all the wild flowers are at their peak, and today St. John’s Wort, Yarrow and wild Thyme are all in bloom. It’s a threshold, a tipping point of the year.

While completing my final year training to be a medical herbalist, I couldn’t even think about putting out a record. Now that I’m on the other side, I can’t tell you what a relief it is to kick this batch of songs off with a new single, called Wilder When I Was With You, which I co-wrote with my friend Samantha Parton (BeGood Tanyas). She sent me this warbly voice memo with the melodic hook, and I just filled in the rest. If you grew up in Vancouver or one of the Gulf Islands, this is gonna sound just like being a teenager, complete with some not-so-innocent criminal activity. Yes, I did ride around in cars with boys. Sometimes there were no passenger doors. Rarely were there seatbelts. Sometimes we drank alcohol and we always smoked weed.

Listen Here

High Summer/Midsummer

Let this song be the soundtrack to the longest days of your year. Thanks for listening and being patient while I went into a herb hole… and am slowly emerging.

Tour Dates

July 7 // KIAC, Dawson City, YT w/ Cud Eastbound
July 8 // Lefty’s Well, Whitehorse, YT w/ Brigitte Jardin
July 11 // Rogue Folk Club, Vancouver BC w/ Suzie Ungerleider
July 12 // Victoria Event Centre, Victoria BC w/ Suzie Ungerleider
July 14 // Tir-na-Nog Theatre, Bowen Island BC w/ Suzie Ungerleider
August 24-27 // Kirkstyle Stomp Festival, Dunning UK

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